Thursday, 5 May 2011

And that ladies & gentleman, is craft


Remember it?

That thing that takes ads from good to great?

It's still around.

Not as much these days, but it still can be found.

It's becoming a lost art.


Budgets being slashed more often than a hot blonde in a shit teen horror movie?

Nobody gives a shit?

Creativity not highest on everyone's list?

Craft not highest on creative's list?

There's loads of reasons.

A good way to think about your craft is:

How many times you've wanted to use Alison Carmichael but then had to use a handwriting font? A photographer rather than stock shot? The list goes on...

But all is not lost, I give you This is Real Art and Coy! photographer Sean de Sparengo.

In a nutshell the brief was to get shots for fashion label Sibling's horror themed clothing. The idea being get various shots of the models wearing the clothes and get them to look scared.

The easy approach would be to get the models to act scared and the take the shots.

The 'craft' way is to build a special blacked out booth to surround the photographers camera. Then commision Adelphoi music to custom make some spooky sounds to give the models a bit of a twitchy anus.

The result - models that are actually scared and shit hot shots.

And that ladies and gentleman, is craft.

You can see the making of here -

Creatives were Sam Renwick, and it comes as no surprise, the Belford was involved. That man is fucking genius.

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