Sunday, 20 February 2011

New Work New York

I've just done a really great project with New York based photographer Kareem Black.

He shoots amazing stuff - as part of his repertoire he had a section on his website called LIFE - which documented...well life - in New York, cool shit, party people, energy, music, drinking, more cool shit, hot girls, cooler shit, backstages, cooler than the cooler shit and basically everything else in between.

We got chatting about this and he said how he was changing the name of LIFE to FEELSGOODLETSGO.COM - and that he need a logo.

So how do you embody all the above? - Music, drinking, parties, cool shit? Well by using a lightening bolt my friends:

And then we talked about getting the website name out there. We came up with this great idea to sticker all of New York - using, as Kareem says 'other people's shit' to promote FGLG. But this just wasn't any old sticker - it needed something different...and boom - if we're gonna use other peoples shit to promote the message then lets make that the idea - and so: Speech bubbles. Easy. Stick it on, and it looks like people are talking about you - we have are very own spokespeople without them knowing.

And what's more - we give the stickers out and get other people to be creative in there placement of the stickers - awesome.

So if you're in New York look out for the stickers - and if you do see one, take a shot and send it.

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