Friday, 12 November 2010

This Week

I saw this:

It's a tricky one really, can't decide if it's awesome or a bit of lumped on brand at the end. I guess the fact I was getting up for a brew and it made me sit back down immediately tells it all. A once heard a creative say TV ads, above all, need to be entertaining - you're interrupting someone watching Coronation St so it has to be better than that. This does it in wagon-loads. No log on now to find out more/join our facebook group/send us your videos - it's just pure entertainment.

I also saw this:

Great new design of the BRIT award from Music who say 'Every year, an acclaimed and notable Briton will be invited to take ownership of the trophy in its new pared down form, re-imagining it to convey their own artistic vision' And they're off to a cracking start with Dame Vivienne Westwood agreeing to create the first one. I might actually watch the awards this year now. Obviously to see the trophy and you never know we might get another Kay classic like this again.

And finally I saw this:

Great words from Mr Fink

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